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How to Supercharge EV Charging Infrastructure Integrity

It’s no secret that the electric vehicle (EV) charging market is ripe with opportunities for developers. According to Market Research Future®, the global electric vehicle charging station market was valued at $23.4 billion in 2023. By 2032, it’s expected to reach a whopping $316.9 billion. 

Driven by an increasing number of consumers transitioning to EVs, EV charging’s market growth underscores the need for comprehensive EV charging infrastructure. From an engineering perspective, maintaining the integrity of charger designs is more crucial than ever. Ensuring circuits and components are well-protected significantly enhances the reliability, efficiency, and overall quality of EV chargers. 

Dependable and robust EV charger infrastructure is not just a convenience; it is essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and the sustainability of our future transport systems.

What is EV Charger Infrastructure? 

The infrastructure of an EV charger encompasses various components that work together to facilitate the charging process for electric vehicles. Here are the key elements:

1. Charging Stations:

  • Physical units where EVs connect to charge their batteries.

  • Various forms: public stations in car parks, highways, urban areas, and private stations in homes or businesses.

2. Power Supply:

  • Provides electricity to connected vehicles.

  • Sources: electrical grid, renewable energy (solar, wind), or onsite energy storage systems.

3. Connectors and Cables:

  • Equipped with connectors and cables for EVs to plug in and charge.

  • Types vary based on charging standards and protocols.

4. Communication Systems:

  • Enable interaction between charging stations, EV, and backend systems.

  • Essential for initiating and monitoring charging sessions, processing payments, and data analytics.

5. Payment Systems:

  • Incorporated in many public charging stations.

  • Accept various payment methods: credit cards, mobile apps, RFID cards, or subscriptions.

6. Networking and Backend Software:

  • Manage charging sessions, monitor station performance, collect data, and provide remote diagnostics.

The Role of Circuit Protection 

Of all the components that make up an EV charger, circuits and components are perhaps the most crucial. Circuit protection is vital in maintaining the integrity of EV charging infrastructure. Protection circuits safeguard the power supply and the connected circuit from overloads, short circuits, reverse connections, and excessive voltage. These issues, if unaddressed, can lead to significant damage, reducing the efficiency and reliability of the charging process.

Circuit protection ensures the safety and longevity of the charging equipment, thereby maintaining consistent and reliable operation. This makes circuit protection not just a component, but the backbone of a fortified EV charging system.

Advanced Technologies for Circuit and Component Protection

Advanced technologies, such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs, play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of EV charging systems. SiC MOSFETs offer several benefits:

  • Low Gate Charges: Reduces the energy required to switch the device.

  • Low Output Capacitance: Improves the efficiency of the power conversion process.

  • Low Gate Resistance: Allows for high-frequency switching, which is essential for efficient power management.

System-Level Solutions Available at Braemac 

As trusted Braemac suppliers, LittelFuse and Schaltbau are industry leaders known for their components that support EV charging innovation. LittelFuse is a global name in circuit protection, power control, and sensing, offering supercharged solutions for cutting-edge EV charging designs. LittelFuse brings unparalleled expertise and innovation to the table.


  • Ensures that EV charging equipment remains safe, minimising the threat of electrical shock or other hazards.

  • Detects AC, DC, or both types of faults in single-phase or multi-phase installations.


  • Crucial for DC fast charging systems. LittelFuse helps minimise losses in power conversion, ensuring maximum power delivery for charging the vehicle’s battery.


  • LittelFuse’s solutions enhance system reliability, extend the life of EV charging equipment, and improve overall performance.

Schaltbau is another key player and valued Braemac supplier, supporting innovative EV charger designs and contributing significantly to the electrification revolution.

DC Contactors for Fast Charging Stations

  • Designed to ensure safety for people, charging infrastructure, and vehicles at charging points.

  • Low contact resistance minimises power loss during charging and enables efficient power transfer.

  • Provides reliable disconnection, ensuring galvanic isolation between the vehicle and the charging point.

DC Power Elements and Upgradability

  • Allows for future upgrades, including bidirectional charging, via the integrated DC-Link-UP® Box, ensuring compatibility with electric vehicles.

Charging Connectors

  • Provides connectors for charging stations in the power range of 1 kW up to 16 kW, supporting voltages from 250 VAC to 400 VAC.

Safety and Reliability Solutions

  • Extends to battery charging systems, battery disconnect units (BDUs), and vehicle drive trains, enhancing safety, reliability, and performance across various applications in the EV ecosystem.

Braemac's collaboration with LittelFuse and Schaltbau ensures that they deliver the highest quality solutions for EV charging infrastructure, characterised by innovation, efficiency, and reliability.

Supercharging the integrity of EV charging infrastructure is crucial for the continued growth and adoption of electric vehicles. By focusing on advanced technologies and robust circuit protection, we can enhance the reliability, efficiency, and overall quality of EV chargers. Leaders in the field like LittelFuse and Schaltbau are paving the way with innovative solutions that ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of EV charging systems, thereby supporting a sustainable future for eMobility. 

To learn more about all of Braemac’s EV charging innovations, contact today!


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