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"Quality Service through the Strength of Our People"




Great Customer Outcomes

Braemac takes a proactive approach to delivering exceptional outcomes by fully understanding the needs of our customers. 


Simplex to Complex Solutions

Braemac have the appetite and know how to deliver simplex to complex solutions. No task too small. No project too daunting.


Value Added Distribution

Value added distribution isn’t for fulfilling growth; it’s for creating it. Find out about how we’re helping existing businesses create growth opportunities.


Leading Innovations

With many years of engineering experience, Braemac can help you unlock new ideas and technology, allowing your business to start it’s digital transformation.


Global Reach

We have an international footprint across multiple continents enabling worldwide access to our brands and partners to meet your needs.


Lasting Partnerships

We want to ensure we’re building long-term partnerships that ultimately provide our customers with the best possible results.

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