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RV1S9353A Optically Isolated ΔΣ Modulator

The RV1S9353A optically isolated ΔΣ modulator includes a precision analog-to-digital converter with ENOB of 13.8 bits (typ) to convert analog voltage input into a digital output one-bit data stream across the isolation barrier. RV1S9353A is ideal for robotic arm controllers, the AC and NC servo controllers used in smart factory equipment, as well as solar inverters, and test and measurement equipment. RV1S9353A also directly connects to Renesas RZ/T MPUs and RX72M MCUs in addition to other MPUs, MCUs, SoCs, and FPGAs that include a digital filter.

Key RV1S9353A features:

• Reference voltage (max) gain error ±0.5%

• Input offset voltage drift vs temperature (max) 2.5 µV/°C

• SNR (typ.) 85 dB

• Reference voltage drift vs. temperature (typ.) 30 ppm/°C

• High input resistance (typ.) 500 kΩ

• 8-pin SDIP package with 1.27 mm pin pitch and 8 mm creepage distance

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