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Navigating the Switch Landscape with Well Buying Solutions

In the world of electronic components, Well Buying introduces three remarkable products that share a common thread. Let’s explore their features and discover what sets them apart:

PS003 Series Pushbutton Switches

The PS003 Series of pushbutton switches feature precision and reliability, making them ideally suited for applications where button functionality changes dynamically with applications.

Additionally, a 9x8 OLED panel with 56 keys, each key mapping to specific software functions, simplifies user interaction. PS003 switches enable a wide range of tasks including:

  • Filling buttons with background colors, graphics, or videos auto-sized to 96x64

  • Sending text with customizable size and color

  • Clearing buttons entirely of background, graphics or videos

PS003 Key Applications

  • Audio / video switchers

  • Instrumentation, telecommunication

  • Broadcast system, security system

  • POS(point of sale) systems

  • Gambling machines

PS031 Series Pushbutton Switches

The PS031 Series of pushbutton switches offer programmability for enhanced usability and adaptability.

  • Noiseless operation

  • RGB illumination

  • Extended life cycles of over 50 million times

  • Reed switch compatibility

  • Different cap availability

PS031 Key Applications

  • Audio / video switchers

  • Instrumentation

  • Telecommunication

  • Broadcast systems

  • Industrial control systems

RS009A Rotary Switches

The RS009A Rotary Series combines the functionality of an infra-red sensor and a rotary encoder with a pushbutton. Offering unparalleled versatility and control, RS009A rotary switches maintain Well Buy’s commitment to quality.

These switches feature:

  • Full-color TFT panels capable of displaying pictures and movies

  • Soft or click push feeling and consistent rotary clicks feeling

  • 360-degree clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation with unlimited positions

  • Shuttle function allowing rotation to left or right positions and rebounding to center upon release

  • Over 1 million life cycles

RS009A Key Applications

  • Audio / Video

  • Broadcasting

  • White goods

  • IPC

  • Security system


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