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Elevating Industrial Precision Positioning

Calian, an industry-leading innovator in antenna solutions, has recently unveiled their latest model of industrial-grade smart GNSS antennas, the TW5387.

Source: Calian

Equipped with the cutting-edge ST TESEO V GNSS receiver chipset, the TW5387 is a groundbreaking addition to Calian’s comprehensive portfolio. Setting a new standard in industrial precision positioning, the TW5387 is a feature-rich solution that boasts dual-band GNSS capabilities, eXtended Filtering, low Phase Centre Variation, and Dual Feed Dual Patch for exceptional multi-path rejection.

Beyond standalone operation, the TW5387 offers RTK Rover capabilities and a built-in Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for precise Sensor Fusion, elevating its utility across various applications. Designed to mitigate RF impairments and ensure optimal GNSS receiver performance, it reliably delivers GNSS coordinates to the host system via a robust digital interface, offering unmatched noise resilience.

The TW5387 is compatible with N-RTK correction services such as Point One Navigation’s Polaris and Swift Navigation’s Skylark.

TW5387 Key Features:

  • Tracks three simultaneous GNSS constellations: GPS, Galileo, and Beidou

  • Operates in L1/L5 bands

  • Achieves <1m CEP Standalone performance and <1 cm CEP Real-Time Kinematic performance

  • Calian XF filtering mitigates band adjacent noise sources

  • Integrated ST TESEO V GNSS receiver chipset (Quectel Module)

  • On-board Inertial Measurement Unit for precise Sensor Fusion

  • Offers RS-422 or RS-232 serial interface

  • Industrial Grade IP69K enclosure ensures durability and reliability in harsh environments

TW5387 Key Applications:

  • Automotive

  • UAV

  • Robotics

  • Defense applications that require high-precision location and timing

Contact for more information on Calian’s TW5387 Smart GNSS UDR Antenna for High Accuracy Rover Positioning


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