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Human Machine Interface

Renesas Capacitive Touch Technology is highly sensitive and noise tolerant, and enables touch sensing seamlessly in tough environments, helping you to build a clean and convenient lifestyle. It is easy to clean and disinfect, keeping a high cleanliness level at all times. Also, create non-contact user interfaces by applying capacitive touch technology with 2D and 3D gesture technologies and voice recognition technologies.

Customize your HMI design with great flexibility by using the cost-effective GUI solution containing a 1-chip LCD display with a large internal SRAM and 2D drawing engine. Easy-to-use GUI tools supported by our partners are available too.

Highlighted Products

MCUs with outstanding real-time performance for industrial equipment are finally here. These MCUs offer stable performance with little fluctuation thanks to the latest RXV3 core and the industry’s fastest flash memory, trusted secure IP boasts the highest level of security for an MCU with the industry’s largest internal memory and up to 182 general-purpose I/Os. A wealth of features and security are realized in one chip. The RX72M also provides plenty of support for industrial networks such as Ethercat. The RX72N envision kit is also newly released for evaluation of the RX72N’s HMI capabilities, security and cloud connectivity.


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