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Efficient AC/DC DIN-Rail Conversion from RECOM Power

RECOM Power, a manufacturer of AC/DC electronic power supplies and DC/DC converters, is introducing their cost-effective REDIIN 120, 240 and 480 DIN-Rail AC/DC converter product series including their existing range of DIN-rail DC/DC Converters for many general industrial applications.


RECOM Power AC/DC DIN Rail Converters
  • +93.5% Efficiency Rating: Available from 90-264V input ranges with 120W, 240W, and 480W power ratings.

  • Standard DIN-Rail Formats: 30mm, 40mm or 56mm widths for the 120W, 240W and 480W versions. All devices measure 123.4mm in depth by 123.6mm in height.

  • Optimal Operating Temperatures Range: -30°C and +50°C operating temperature with convection cooling, with derating from +70°C and cold starting supported down to -40°C.

  • Built-in Protective Features: Overvoltage, short-circuit, and overcurrent, along with a constant current mode to ensure safe starting under high capacitive loads.

  • Comprehensive Certifications: IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1 and 61010-1 certifications for safety, meeting EMC standards EN 55032/35 and EN 61204-3 including EN 61000-6-4 Class B emission standards for heavy industrial environments

Key Applications:

  • Measuring and testing equipment

  • Industrial control and automation

  • Power generation and distribution

  • Telecommunications

RECOM specializes in AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters, switching regulators and LED drivers and provides worldwide customer service.

For further details, contact today to learn more


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