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Clock Generators with Ultra-Low Jitter, High Performance MEMS Technology for AI Datacenters

SiTime Chorus™ Clock Generators

SiTime Corporation, renowned for their precision timing solutions, has launched the Chorus™ family of clock generators, engineered specifically for AI datacenter applications. This innovative line is uniquely positioned to transform the timing market with its unique approach and advanced features.

SiT91211 and SiT91213

The Chorus™ family includes the SiT91211 and SiT91213 clock generators. Designed to support the stringent requirements of low-power, low-jitter applications, the SiT91211 and SiT91213 feature:

SiTime Chorus™
SiTime Chorus™ SiT91211 and SiT91213
  • Ultra-Low Jitter: The SiT91211 and SiT91213 clock generators offer impressively low jitter of 200 fs maximum (SiT91211) and 100 fs maximum (SiT91213).

  • High Frequency Range: These devices support a broad frequency range from 1 to 700 MHz for differential outputs and 1 to 220 MHz for LVCMOS outputs.

  • Versatile Outputs: They are capable of driving up to eight low-skew single-ended output loads or four low-skew differential loads, providing versatility in various applications.

  • Integrated MEMS Resonator: By incorporating an internal MEMS resonator as the frequency source for the internal phase-locked loop (PLL), these clock generators eliminate the dependency on quartz crystals.

  • Configurable Spread-Spectrum Clocking: This feature helps reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), thereby improving signal integrity.

  • PCIe Support: The SiT91211 and SiT91213 are compliant with PCIe Generation 1-6, broadening their applicability across a range of high-performance requirements.

Key Applications:

  • AI Datacenters

  • Low Power Consumption Timing Applications

  • Low Jitter Timing Applications

  • Timing Applications in Telecommunications

  • Timing Applications in Networking

  • Timing Applications in High-Performance Computing

SiTime’s Chorus™ products underscore their dedication to advancing technology and delivering cutting-edge solutions through their MEMS precision timing technology.

To learn more about Chorus™ solutions, contact today!


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