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Voice Recognition and Smart Control

Voice recognition is becoming an important feature of today's digital lifestyle. With your voice, you can control a room's lighting, air-conditioning, curtains, appliances and more. For hygienic reasons and to comply with COVID safe practices, you can avoid touching surfaces in communal spaces such as hotels or offices by simply speaking to a voice recognition controller, enabling hands-free requests.

Renesas has put together a winning combination with an offline voice recognition algorithm that performs real time control. The advanced voice command recognition engine concurrently supports two languages with voice response and there are 34 global languages to select from that can easily be integrated into existing control systems.

Renesas offer a reference design which incorporates a low cost, ultra-low power RA6M1 MCU, a ISL32743E isolated high-speed RS-485 transceiver, an ISL80505 high-performance 0.5A LDO and a PS2561F-1 optically coupled UL approved isolator. Combined together these products provide a fast, cost-effective path to incorporate voice recognition into your design today.

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