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Say Hello to FPGAs

The Hello FPGA kit is a low cost, compact-sized, entry-level platform targeted towards end-users with low to medium FPGA knowledge. The kit supports powerful demos in Image Processing, Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and can measure the live FPGA core power consumption while running designs. The kit also allows users to freeze the design while maintaining the i/o state for low power applications, using Flash Freeze mode. The kit features Arduino & Mikrobus connectors for flexibility when it comes to prototyping, and expansion kits, allowing for easy adoption in future projects.

The Hello FPGA Kit demonstrates the following features:

  • Artificial Intelligence demo: Uses Parallel Processing to do real-time hand-written digit recognition

  • Digital Signal Processing demo: Creating FIR/FFT filters

  • Power monitor GUI: Shows how fast the instant-on wake-up time is while displaying the power consumption for both operational and Flash Freeze modes


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