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New “Lab on the Cloud” Environment

Renesas’ Lab on the Cloud is an online environment where Renesas solutions, including popular evaluation boards, winning combinations and software, are hosted in a remote lab that customers can access and test online.

The Lab on the Cloud provides quick access to Renesas solutions before customers receive a physical board or start a design. Boards are configured in a remote lab connected to the cloud and users access the boards through an intuitive GUI. Live video of each board allows users to test, monitor, and measure results instantly. The Lab on the Cloud environment utilizes a platform developed by Tenxer Technologies, and provides 24/7 access to, along with online support for, Renesas solutions.

See how Renesas’ complementary product portfolios of analog, power and embedded processing work together to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Get more details at, where you’ll find access to these boards:

  • MPPT-based Solar Battery Charger

  • USB-PD with Turbo Boost

  • Buck-Boost Last Gasp Power Supply for Energy Meter

  • Standard 4-20mA Loop - Industrial Receiver

  • 80V Dual Phase Buck System

  • Arduino Shield Sensor Board

  • Scalable HMI SMARC SoM with AI

  • 1PH Static Energy Meter

  • Digital Illuminator


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