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Protect Your Devices with Autonomous Security

With rapid digitalization, security implementation is a key concern in IoT devices. As part of the last theme in celebration of the RX 10th Anniversary, Renesas introduces the autonomous security implementation that ensures top-notch security in your products. Autonomous security is implemented directly in Renesas MCUs, right at the core of IoT devices.

Benefits of implementing autonomous security includes:

  • Reliable security protection using Renesas' robust hardware engine, Trusted Secure IP (TSIP), embedded in RX MCUs to provide a true root of trust.

  • Memory protection functions prevent software I/P or secure data from being hacked, stolen or replaced by hackers.

  • Reduce system level usage and maintain high performance while performing Cryptographic operations.


Autonomous security for IoT endpoint devices is provided by Renesas' proprietary hardware secure IP (Trusted Secure IP)

IoT devices that are located in a network environment are constantly exposed to a variety of threats. However, if the IoT endpoint device itself is secure, it can protect itself from threats and prevent malicious and unauthorized behavior, even in an unsafe network environment. RX has strong security technology using Trusted Secure IP, Renesas' proprietary hardware for secure IP, and provides autonomous security for IoT endpoint devices.

Hardware: RX Microcontroller with Security Hardware IP to Protect Against Threats

RX is equipped with Trusted Secure IP, which cannot be accessed externally. Key data and the cryptographic engine in Trusted Secure IP are strongly protected. Also, it combines area protection features and RX-specific features to protect authentication programs from tampering threats. With this, you can build a system with Root of Trust that provides self-sustaining security and provides easy and robust protection from a variety of threats.


We provide you with the drivers that make Trusted Secure IP work, as well as secure update and secure boot sample programs to use the RX-specific features so you can deploy security quickly and easily.

Evaluation Kits: Trusted Secure IP Ready Evaluation Kits

Renesas offers evaluation kits that allow you to evaluate robust security immediately, contributing to reducing the turn-around time (TAT) for development of security-enabled devices. An NDA is not required for the manual and driver for Trusted Secure IP.


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