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Experience Unmatched Efficiency: InnoSwitch3-EP

InnoSwitch3-EP Product Family

An innovative solution for flyback power converters, the InnoSwitch3-EP family from Power Integrations is now available at Braemac. The InnoSwitch3-EP IC family is revolutionizing converter design and manufacturing. It particularly addresses the needs of those seeking high efficiency and compactness.

Designed with a fusion of cutting-edge components, including a high-voltage power switch, primary and secondary controllers, and safety-rated feedback, the InnoSwitch3-EP consolidates multiple functionalities into a single IC. Its advanced protection features encompass safeguards against line overvoltage, undervoltage, output overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature shutdown.

A comprehensive range of devices offer standard and peak power delivery options, alongside auto-restart protection behaviors commonly sought after within the industry.

Key Specs/Benefits:

• Unparalleled efficiency throughout the entire load spectrum

• Harnessing Power Integrations' exclusive gallium nitride technology

• Fine-tune output current sensing with adjustable accuracy using external sense resistor

• Exceptional precision in Constant Voltage/Constant Current (CV/CC) regulation, independent of external components

• Seamless integration with FluxLink for hipot-isolated feedback

• Support for up to 100 W output without the need for heatsinks

• Breakthrough 1700 V breakdown voltage for enhanced performance and safety

Market Applications:

• Industrial sectors

• Metering systems

• Household appliances

• Multi-output power supply configurations

• Chargers and adapters

InnoSwitch3-EP Product Family

Unlock the potential of your power conversion systems with InnoSwitch3-EP, exclusively available at Braemac. Contact for more information.


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