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Next-Level AI/ML Integration Solutions Available at Braemac

The AI Solutions Kit, or AIK Series, from Renesas is now available at Braemac. As the ultimate reference design platform engineered for swift, seamless AI/ML capabilities in edge and endpoint systems, the AIK Series enables enhanced real-time analytics, vision, and audio systems.

Designed for efficiency, each kit boasts meticulously refined AI/ML models seamlessly integrated into a multi-modal framework, delivering unparalleled performance on Renesas processors. With optimized CPU functionality demanding minimal memory resources, these kits offer a scalable pathway to innovation.

Key Features:

  • Technical documentation with reference design PCB data.

  • Complete features support on latest FSP version.

  • Sample applications for analog mic, TFT, UART and Camera.

  • Asset Movement Recognition using motion sensor Pmod module.

  • Renesas Ready Partner Ecosystem AI/ML model support.

  • Multiple, reconfigurable connectivity functions to expedite AI/ML system design.

  • Scalable approach to enable flexible selection of low to high-end Renesas processors.

    • TFT display PCB SPI (2.8 inch)

    • ILI9341 TFT with resistive touch

    • XPT2046 touch controller

    • TFT to Pmod adapter

    • Prepared for 2.2,2.4, or 2.8 inch display

    • ICM-42670-P Pmod board 6-axis MEMS motion tracking device with 3‑axis gyroscope, 3‑axis accelerometer and temperature sensor

Key Applications:

  • Smart Infrastructure

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Home Automation

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Agriculture

  • Building and Industrial Automation

Interested in integrating next-level AI and ML capabilities in your design? Contact to get started today!


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