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More Powerful Edge Processing with 10th Generation Intel Core Processors for IoT and Edge

10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors provide a solid foundation for internet of things (IoT) platforms, with up to 10 cores and 20 threads for unparalleled throughput, LGA socket scalability and embedded use conditions, plus long-term product availability.

Retail, industrial, healthcare, gaming and entertainment sectors can all benefit from 10th Gen Intel Core processors for 35W to 65W TDP for a wide variety of uses, including:

  • Digital signage solutions embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics that provide real-time data about the audience, their traffic patterns and which messages work best

  • Self-service kiosks that enhance customer experience through computer vision and deep learning

  • Advanced, innovative medical imaging solutions, like mobile imaging for in-patient or distributed healthcare workflows

  • Intelligent shelving and point-of-sale devices that collect and analyze inventory throughput

  • Robotic designs with enhanced computer vision and deep learning performance

  • Multifunction industrial PCs connected to multiple HD cameras for near-real-time anomaly detection or asset tracking

  • Smart casino gaming tables that track bets and active play with computer vision and AI

Intel® Virtualisation Technology lets users converge workloads and optimise resource utilisation by virtualising CPU, memory and I/O. Built-in hardware accelerators boost computer vision performance and allow for compute blocks dedicated to inferencing for enhanced AI performance. The Intel® Media SDK and Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, along with the Inference Engine high-density deep learning (HDDL) plugin, provide the tools needed to design and streamline AI workloads and capabilities.


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