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InnoSwitch™3 – Show Me the GaN!

Did you know that Power Integrations has shipped more high voltage GaN-based devices than anyone else? PI is proud to announce a major milestone ‒ over 6 million parts shipped without a single GaN-related field failure.

If you weren’t aware, there may be good reason ‒ because the GaN switch is situated in the same package and is monitored and controlled by the most advanced switcher IC in the world, InnoSwitch-3. Developers benefit from all the advantages of PI’s PowiGaN™ technology, but to the designer it is just as simple as the standard silicon parts from the same families.

PI’s InnoSwitch3 families showcase those advantages with highest efficiencies, lowest component count and lowest operating temperature – enabling no-heatsink designs in compact form factors at up to 100 W.

Key Features The InnoSwitch3 families are off-line Constant Voltage / Constant Current / Constant Power (CV/CC/CP) flyback switcher ICs with integrated SR controller. Integrated FluxLink™ isolated feedback is a proprietary control technique that employs magneto inductive coupling to provide high output accuracy without the need for an optocoupler. The family is offered in five variants: constant power (CP), open frame (EP), digitally programmable (Pro), and multi-output, single-stage conversion for monitors & displays (MX). The LYTSwitch-6 is a derivative of the InnoSwitch3 family and supports constant current LED lighting applications.

  • Up to 100 W

  • Up to 95% energy efficient

  • 750 V primary switch

  • CV / CC / CP

  • Advanced protection / safety features

  • 3D space-saving, surface-mount package (InSOP-24D)

InnoSwitch3-Pro family offers additional unique benefits:

  • Comprehensive fault reporting

  • Digital interface for software control of CV and CC set points

InnoSwitch3 with PowiGaN Applications

InnoSwitch3 with PowiGaN technology serve a wide range of applications. The families offer input voltage monitoring, overvoltage protection, and robust 750 V FET allowing them to be used in regions with frequent brown-outs and line surges. In addition, the InnoSwitch3-Pro family is software programmable. Together these benefits allow developers to specify a platform PSU. This single platform is easily customisable via simple firmware changes and allows one design to be used across multiple end products, while supporting global standards and greatly accelerating time to market while minimising product SKUs and inventory.

The InnoSwitch3 family provides precise output control and excellent standby performance making it ideal for appliance applications, where the extra efficiency of PowiGaN devices allows the elimination of heatsinks. The simplified mechanical design reduces vibration related reliability challenges. Accurate power control allows the design to meet the power specification while also meeting European thermal integrity standards, enabling the use of less expensive plastics.


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