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HIP2211 MOSFET Drivers from Renesas

The HIP2211 is a 100V, 3A source, 4A sink high-frequency half-bridge NMOS FET driver. The HIP2211 features standard HI/LI inputs and is pin-compatible with popular Renesas bridge drivers such as the HIP2101 and ISL2111. Its wide operating supply range of 6V to 18V and integrated high-side bootstrap diode supports driving the high-side and low-side NMOS in 100V half-bridge applications.

This driver features a strong 3A source, 4A sink driver with very fast 15ns typical propagation delay and 2ns typical delay matching, making it optimal for high-frequency switching applications. VDD and boot UVLO protects against an undervoltage operation.

The HIP2211 is offered in 8 Ld SOIC, 8 Ld 4x4mm DFN, and 10 Ld 4x4mm TDFN packages.

Key features:

· Drop-in replacement for the ISL2111 and HIP2101 8 Ld SOIC, 8 Ld DFN, and 10 Ld TDFN packages

· 115VDC bootstrap supply maximum voltage supports 100V on the half-bridge

· 3A source and 4A sink gate drivers for NMOS FETs

· Fast propagation delay and matching: 15ns typical delay; 2ns typical matching

· Integrated 0.5Ω typical bootstrap diode

· Wide 6V to 18V operating voltage range

· VDD and boot Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)

· Robust noise tolerance: wide hysteresis at inputs; HS pin tolerates up to -10V continuous

· HI/LI inputs 3.3V logic compatible with VDD voltage tolerance


· Telecom half-bridge and full-bridge DC/DC converters

· 3-phase BLDC motor driver; H-Bridge motor driver

· Two-switch forward and active clamp converters

· Multiphase PWM DC/DC controllers

· Class-D amplifiers

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