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First-of-its-kind from RECOM

RECOM extends its RPM series with the launch of the RPMH-0.5, a 0.5A non-isolated DC/DC switching regulator in a low-profile DOSA-compatible LGA package with an input range from 4.3V up to 65V and five trimmable output options.

With the launch of the RPMH-0.5 series, RECOM has expanded its range of compact, non-isolated DC/DCs in a standard 12.19 x 12.19 x 3.75mm DOSA-compatible thermally-enhanced low profile LGA package. With 0.5A output, five trimmable fixed outputs are available: 3.3V (+10%/-20%), 5V (+10%/-20%), 12V (+10%/-40%), 15V (+10%/-40%) or 24V (+17%/-37%). Input voltage range is 1V-1.5V above the set output up to 65V, making the parts suitable for systems operating on nominal 5, 12, 24 or 48V rails. Excellent thermal management means that the RPMH-0.5 series operates from -40°C up to 95°C (100°C) ambient with full load and convection cooling only. Efficiency is up to 89% allowing the full 500mA output current to be delivered across the entire input voltage range. Efficiency is also excellent at very low loads, which, combined with very low quiescent current down to 16µA (3.3V and 5V versions), makes this series suitable for applications that have ‘sleep’ modes such as microcontrollers and transceivers. The RPMH also features 6-sided shielding for low radiated EMI so class B EMI compliance is achieved with a simple low cost line inductor. Additional features include full protection (UVLO, SCP, OCP) along with power sequencing, soft start, on/off control, remote sensing, and a power good signal.

Steve Roberts, Innovation Manager at RECOM comments: “Because of the adoption of 48V in soft hybrid vehicles, we see the cost of Li-ion batteries falling and 48V power rails increasingly being used in many other application areas. When down-conversion to a lower voltage is necessary, the RPMH-0.5 series is a perfect fit with its wide input range up to 65V”.


  • Wide Vin 4.3 to 65VDC

  • High Power density (LxWxH = 12.19 x 12.19 x 3.75)

  • Wide operating temperature -40oC to +95oC at full load

  • Efficiency up to 89%, no need for heatsinks

  • 6-sided shielding

  • Thermally and EMI enhanced 25pad LGA package

  • Low profile

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