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EWTS5G Series 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor

Panasonic’s 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor For Highly Accurate, Flexible And Sensitive Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Applications

Panasonic has added the 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor to its’ already broad range of specialty Sensor solutions.

Panasonic’s 6-in-1 Sensor 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) Inertial Sensor meets the ISO26262 Function Safety Standard for automotive applications. The 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor features a unique sensing element consisting of three (3) Accelerometers and three (3) Gyroscopes on one single MEMS chip providing high sensing accuracy and much more system design flexibility. MEMS, ASIC and Cap are directly bonded in the wafer level and packaged. This enables the 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor to be compact, highly accurate, easy-to-install and highly reliable.

The 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor with 6DoF is available in one very small footprint package size of 4.5 mm x 4.5 mm x 1.1 mm enabling compact and simple ECU system design.

Features and Benefits

  • 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) in one package size 4.5 x 4.5 x1.1 mm

  • 3 Accelerometers And 3 Gyro Sensors On One Single MEMS Chip

  • All 6 Sensor Elements Are In A Single Chip And Maintain Sensing Axis To Axis With Very Tight Accuracy

  • Single MEMS And ASIC Chips Design and Are Directly Bonded At Wafer Level

  • ISO26262 Functional Safety Compliance for Automotive Safety Systems And Self Diagnostics

  • ASIL-B, Compatible With ASIL-D Functional Safety System Development Automotive Grade For Safety Applications Including Rollover Detection And Electric Stability Control (ESC) Systems

  • Strong Self Diagnostic With Two Temperature Sensor For Compensation

  • AEC-Q100 Compliant

  • RoHS And REACH Compliant


  • Automotive

  • Safety

  • LiDar, Radar, ADAS

  • Vehicle Dynamics

  • AR HUD, Camera

  • Industrial

  • Off Road

  • Mobility

  • Motorcycle

  • Robotics


  • Airbag Rollover Detection, ESC

  • Leveling, Calibration, Compensation

  • Vehicle Position, Vibration Sensing, Active Suspension

  • Direction, Leveling, Vibration Compensation

  • Motion And Position Sensing

  • Off Road Vehicles

  • Construction Vehicles

  • Industrial Use


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