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Energy Friendly Power Management for IoT Devices

An Ultra-low Power PMIC for IoT products. Optimised for sleepy devices, yet robust enough to cater to the peaky demands of a wireless transmitter. With a Coulomb Counter for measuring battery capacity & health included.

This PMIC offers a complementary solution to powering IoT centric products. With a mix of ultra-low quiescent current (150nA) while asleep, and switching on quickly to power short range wireless products (Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, Z-Wave, etc.). With the incorporated Coulomb Counter, you’ll always know your remaining battery capacity.

Advantages of this PMIC

  • Wide input Range (0.8V – 5.5V)

  • Three independent, configurable Voltage Rails

  • Coulomb Counter for lossless operation (no sense resistor)

  • Support for multiple battery chemistry

The EFP01 is a dedicated PMIC specifically targeting the unique demands of IoT applications. Silicon Labs is a respected leader in the Home Automation space, and understands intimately the unique needs of this sector.

The EFP01 delivers;

  • Coulomb counting to provide a battery charge state

  • Three (3) independent & programmable voltage output rails

  • Programmable inrush current control

  • Short-circuit protection

  • Under-voltage lock-out (UVLO) circuitry

  • Over-temperature monitoring

  • Software configurable (I2C)

  • Broad input voltage range & great battery choices

  • Supplies up to 150mA/output rail with 88-94% efficiency

  • Low quiescent current

  • Small 3x3 package

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