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Cost Effective Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Microchip's zero-drift architecture at a fraction of the cost. The new MCP6V66 family of operational amplifiers provides ultra-high performance across a wide range of environmental conditions.

While most precision operational amplifiers provide low initial offset voltage, it can be extremely difficult to account for offset errors related to temperature, common mode range, supply voltage and loading conditions. Microchip's MCP6V66/6U/7/9 series of zero-drift operational amplifiers addresses these concerns while remaining cost effective. In addition, this series provides integrated EMI filters that enable additional rejection of high frequency interference—ideal for electrically noisy environments.

Key Features

• Maximum offset drift of 150 nV/C

• No 1/f noise

• GBWP of 1 MHz

• Enhanced EMI rejection

• Small SC70 and SOT-23 packaging


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