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Audio Innovation for the Smart Home

Cirrus Logic is the leading supplier of hardware and software solutions for audio signal processing from voice capture to audio playback in the newest technology found in mobile, consumer and automotive applications.

With a complete portfolio of products throughout the audio signal chain — from voice capture to playback — Cirrus Logic’s best-in-class, ultra low power ICs and patented SoundClear® software technology elevate the clarity and quality of the audio signal by enhancing voice quality, voice capture, speech recognition and audio playback.

The “Smart Home” is a connected home where multiple smart devices are integrated to create an environment that is automated and easily controlled. Cirrus Logic’s portfolio of advanced audio and voice solutions allows the natural interaction with these smart devices—using them for communication, controlling them easily with voice commands, using them to detect audio events, and of course, using them to enjoy high-fidelity audio playback. By combining Cirrus Logic’s extensive portfolio of audio ICs with our SoundClear software technology, every aspect of the smart home experience can be enhanced daily.

Cirrus Logic’s SoundClear Control software is defining the next generation of easy to use connected home devices via touchless user interfaces, including natural voice control and ultrasonic gesture control. Conversations are clearer and noise free, whether 5 inches or 5 feet away from the device. Smoke alarms, security systems and baby monitors can now be smart devices running intelligent acoustic event “detection” software. For the music lover, whether your speakers are in the living room or the kitchen, on the floor or on the counter-top, you won’t ever compromise on audio playback quality. Cirrus Logic delivers high-fidelity quality audio to multiple devices, wall outlet– or battery– powered. The Cirrus Logic technology advantage includes working with our software partners to broaden the use cases supported by our smart codec and DSP products, as well as working with customers to enable their proprietary software on a Cirrus Logic IC.

Voice Call and Control in the Smart Home SoundClear® Voice is designed to be flexible and robust, improving voice quality by eliminating noise through advanced processing features such as multi-mic noise reduction, echo cancelation and speech enhancement. SoundClear® Control enables “always on, always listening” voice activation and control of a device without keeping the application processor awake. This ultra low power solution eliminates the need for keypress activation to awaken devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, home electronics, wireless speakers, appliances and other audio enabled devices. SoundClear Control allows a wide variety of trigger phrases which may be system—or user—defined and can be targeted to specific localities.

Key Features

• Enhanced “Alexa” wake-word triggering and command interpretation at distance and in noisy environments

• Increases accuracy and reliability of Alexa voice responses to voice requests

• Acoustic Echo Cancelation (AEC) enables users to “barge-in” during Alexa response and music playback and be understood

• Consumes only 2mW for low power always on triggering

• Reference board features the Cirrus Logic CS47L24 dual core, low power smart codec with SoundClear® two-mic voice control DSP firmware

• Built-in 2 W Class D speaker driver

• Dual high performance digital MEMS microphone array for omni-directional spatial capture and noise reduction

• Port for connecting optional external digital MEMS microphone array

• Web-based firmware control console for simplified interactive operation, acoustic tuning and diagnostics

• Operates headless and wireless without anything connected to the RPi3 board other than the 5 V power source Audio DSPs

• Single chip solution for Dolby ATMOS and DTS UHD

• 3 to 4 32-bit DSP cores, 300 MHz, 2.88 MB on chip RAM

• Clock PLL, rich set of serial audio I/O

• Cirrus DSP tool support Codecs

• Superior input and playback performance

• Low power sleep mode, smart accessory detect

• Support for digital and analog microphone interfaces

Choice of features, performance, digital interfaces and packages allows a wide-range of system architectures


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