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Achieve Limitless Video Capture Potential

CM313BW from AVerMedia

The CM313BW from AverMedia is a Mini PCI Express Video Capture Card that delivers full HD video capture with low CPU consumption. It can ingest and capture SDI sources for monitoring, archiving, or analyzing full HD video.

Source: AVerMedia

As a highly flexible solution, the CM313BW offers more possibilities than ever before. Its industry-leading hardware and encoding performance preserve crystal-clear video quality while maintaining low CPU usage in harsh environments. With encoding capabilities of up to 60 Mbps and a wide temperature range of -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F), it is designed to perform full HD video capture for industrial and commercial markets such as in-vehicle data recording, military scenarios, machine vision, or any industrial imaging application.

The CM313BW is equipped with an advanced built-in H.264 hardware encoder, which enables the system to encode without impacting the CPU’s computing power while maintaining high-quality video. This feature helps balance the load and increases the system’s reliability. As a result, the CM313BW significantly reduces the computing demands on hardware and software, allowing focus on other important parts of the application at hand.

The compact form factor design of a PCI Express Mini Card is ideally suited for fitting into small-footprint embedded systems. Its low power consumption further enhances efficiency. Additionally, vibration-proof lock holes make it especially suitable for in-vehicle, military, and industrial applications.


CM313BW Key Features:

  • Hardware H.264 Compression PCI Express Mini Card form factor

  • Wide temp range of -40°C ~ 85°C (-40°F ~ 185°F)

  • 3G-SDI input interface

  • Max capturing 1920 x 1080 60fps

  • BNC connector input

  • Low power consumption (1.8 Watts)

  • Supports AES-embedded audio input

Interested in learning more about the CM313BW Mini PCI Express Video Capture Card from AverMedia? Contact today!


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