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Winmate Explosion-Proof Products

The oil & gas industry is one of the most dangerous and challenging work environments. Because the conditions are risky for both personnel and equipment, reliable and accurate monitoring is crucial to maintaining safe operations. Winmate offers Explosion-Proof panel computers for remote data collection, process visualization, and control. Safe technologies help to improve the productivity, safety, and efficiency of oil refineries. Effectively control processes to lower operation costs and gain more profit. Their computing solutions are deployed in refining and petrochemical applications and have helped many companies improve productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Winmate explosion-proof rugged computing solutions are designed for nearly any oil and gas application. Their products are tough enough to withstand the most extreme conditions. You can use Winmate products for data collection, personnel monitoring process automation, and many other tasks. Their explosion-proof industrial computers and rugged tablets are designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

  • Rugged panel PC and HMI: High-resolution display with optical bonding and multitouch screen for comfortable operations and intuitive user control.

  • Rugged Mobile tablets: Rugged, flexible, and intrinsically safe mobile tablet. Perfect assistant to any field service works in hazardous locations.

  • DIN-rail box PC: Robust and compact box PC for data collection and monitoring from meters and sensors deployed on the field.

Android ATEX / CID1 10.1" Rugged Tablet

ATEX / CID2 Panel PC


Winmate offers innovative rugged technology, their intrinsic safety schematic design ensures temperature under all fault conditions can never rise to a value which may cause the ignition of explosive gasses. This design also guarantees that ignition of a hazardous atmosphere does no occur. This is achieved by ensuring that only low voltages and currents enter the hazardous area and that no significant energy storage is possible. Winmate persons no-air potting of electronic components in-house. Potting prevents the substrate from failing in harsh environments or from vibrations or other potentially damaging uses.

Reach out to us to discuss how these Winmate products can work for you!


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