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Panasonic GC1N Series Time of Flight Camera Module

Panasonics ToF Camera Module is a small, real time, sensing camera module based on the Time of Flight (ToF) principle, this Panasonic Technology instantaneously detects the distance between the camera and the targeted object or person with depth, infra-red and colour (RGB) images are now possible with this single camera module. With this module, there is now no further need to have separate cameras for depth, IR and Colour images with 14/16/36 bit data formats.

Product Benefits:

  • Accurate “Real Time” Depth CCD Imaging

  • Based on Time difference it takes for light to be reflected back to the sensor

  • Produces RGB (640x480, Depth Map (320x240 (640x480) Images

  • Resolution 1mm @ 2.5M and 4mm @ 12M


  • Robotics

  • Security

  • Medical

  • Logistics

Market Applications:

  • People, Animal and Object Detection and Avoidance

  • Detect presence and calculate Distance of Objects and People

  • Contactless / Gesture Control of Imaging displays

  • Detection and Volumetric Measurements of Parcel / Pallets / Boxes and Containers etc.

For further details, sampling and quotes, please contact your local Braemac representative.


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