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New IDEV Technology Boosts RFpower Terformance up to 1.4 kW

Combining high load mismatch capability with a high power density, this new LDMOS

transistor family is well suited for RF power amplifiers where they can be used as well as in HF & VHF communications, FM & TV Broadcasting, ISM and Avionics & Radar systems.

In addition to ST's recently introduced IDDE & IDCH 28/32V product portfolio, this new IDEV 50V LDMOS technology expands the range of applications that ST can address, giving power RF designers a competitive edge for cost-efficient solutions in addition to superior performance.


  • High efficiency

  • Low thermal resistance

  • High ruggedness capability

  • Optimized power RF packages

  • Operating frequencies up to 1.5 GHz

  • Low power consumption

  • High efficiency

  • First-in-class reliability

  • Cost-effective solutions


  • HF & VHF communications

  • FM & TV Broadcasting

  • Plasma generators

  • CO2 laser excitation

  • Synchrotron

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Industrial heating, welding and defrosting

  • Avionics & Radar


50 V operating voltage up to 1.5 GHz IDEV is a 50 V common source N-channel enhancement mode lateral field-effect RF power transistor technology. With output power from 30W to 1.4 kW, our IDEV portfolio is specifically designed for HF & VHF communications, FM & TV Broadcasting, ISM and Avionics & Radar equipment at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz.


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