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GestIC® Technology

The MGC3030, MGC3130 and MGC3140 are the world’s first electrical near–field (E-field) 3D gesture controllers. Based on Microchip’s patented GestIC® technology, they enable user gesture detection and motion tracking. Interaction with devices is as simple and intuitive as a wave of the hand. The MGC controller family enables single-chip gesture solutions, with no host processing needed for embedded applications.

Key Features

· True single-chip gesture solution for embedded usage

· From 0 (touch) to 20 cm detection range

· Very low–power design

· No detection blind spots

· No ambient influences (light/sound)

· Usage of thin, low-cost sensing electrodes, e.g. standard PCB

· Requires no openings in the housing

· Highest gesture detection reliability

· Active noise handling

· 44-100 kHz carrier frequency no RF interference


· Automotive

· Notebooks/PC peripherals (e.g. the 3DTouchPad from Microchip)

· Audio products

· White goods/appliances/air conditioning control

· Home automation

· Light switches

· Industrial/medical switches

· Electronic readers

· Game controllers


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