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Galvanically Isolated 4 A Single Gate Driver

The STGAP2HS is a single gate driver which provides galvanic isolation between the gate driving channel and the low voltage control and interface circuitry.

The gate driver is characterised by 4 A capability and rail-to-rail outputs, making the device also suitable for mid and high power applications such as power conversion and motor driver inverters in industrial applications. The device is available in two different configurations. The configuration with separated output pins allows to independently optimize turn-on and turn-off by using dedicated gate resistors. The configuration featuring single output pin and Miller CLAMP function prevents gate spikes during fast commutations in half-bridge topologies. Both configurations provide high flexibility and bill of material reduction for external components.

The device integrates UVLO and thermal shutdown protection functions to facilitate the design of highly reliable systems. Dual input pins allow the selection of signal polarity control and implementation of HW interlocking protection to avoid cross-conduction in case of controller malfunction. The input to output propagation delay is less than 75 ns, which delivers high PWM control accuracy. A standby mode is available to reduce idle power consumption.

Key Features

  • High voltage rail up to 1200 V

  • Driver current capability: 4 A sink/source @25°C

  • dV/dt transient immunity ±100 V/ns in full temperature range

  • Overall input-output propagation delay: 75 ns

  • Separate sink and source option for easy gate driving configuration

  • 4 A Miller CLAMP dedicated pin option

  • UVLO function

  • Gate driving voltage up to 26 V

  • 3.3 V, 5 V TTL/CMOS inputs with hysteresis

  • Temperature shut-down protection

  • Standby function

  • 6 kV galvanic isolation

  • Wide body SO-8W package

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