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Fully-Integrated Battery Front End from Renesas

16-Cell Battery Front End

The ISL94216 is a 16-cell Battery Front End (BFE) IC, an essential component of any Battery Management System (BMS), which periodically scans battery status and the operating environment to optimize battery life and prevent catastrophic failures.

A differential multiplexer and 16-bit ADC allows for accurate monitoring of cell voltage, temperature, and load current for management of the overall state of the battery pack.

The ISL94216 supports I2C, SPI, and Single Wire protocols allowing customers to connect an MCU in a proprietary battery management solution.

Low current consumption with an average IDLE mode current of 200µA and a SHIP mode current of less than 18µA maximizes the storage and discharge life of a battery pack.

The ISL94216 features internal cell balancing circuitry that provides 8mA of balance current per cell. External cell balancing for higher currents is also supported.

This 16-cell high voltage BFE IC is offered in an efficient 64 Ld QFN package with a thermal pad.

Key features:

· High hot plug rating: 62V

· VCELL accuracy: ±5mV

· IPACK accuracy: ±0.2%

· 16-bit VCELL and IPACK measurements

· Charge/Load wakeup detection circuitry

· 4-pin GPIO port

· Integrated 3.3V regulator

· Supports I2C, SPI, and Single Wire communications


· Light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-motorcycles

· Cordless power and gardening tools

· Home appliances

· 24V, 36V, 42V, and 48V portable battery packs

· Telecom and server farms

· Solar farms

· Energy storage systems

For more information including a block diagram, please visit the Renesas website.


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