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Braemac Announces Distribution Agreement with Efinix for U.S. and Southeast Asia Markets

Braemac partners with Efinix to extend value-added distribution of FPGA solutions.

Syndey, AU <February 12, 2024> – Braemac, a global leader in semiconductor distribution, electronics components, interface products, systems, and services, has today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Efinix, a pioneering force in programmable products. This announcement extends their distribution line card to meet the growing demand for advanced semiconductor solutions in the United States and Southeast Asia markets. 

This strategic collaboration aims to fortify the distribution channels for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) solutions. By combining Efinix’s cutting-edge technologies with Braemac’s renowned demand creation capabilities and extensive market reach, this partnership is poised to deliver unparalleled value to customers in these regions.

“Braemac is thrilled to partner with Efinix in the America’s and Southeast Asia, expanding capability in FPGA solutions. We’re excited by the innovation Efinix brings to the FPGA market.  Combine the low power performance and value of their innovative FPGA solutions and it’s a must inclusion for our customers,” said Jonathan Mitchell, President of Braemac. “We look forward to a successful, long-term partnership.”

“Efinix recognises Braemac’s demand creation and technical capability in the America and Southeast Asia markets and appreciates the value Braemac brings customers.” said Mark Oliver, Efinix VP of Marketing.  “We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Braemac and look forward to Braemac bringing their excellent demand creation capabilities to the US and Southeast Asia as Efinix continues to expand its footprint and rapidly grow penetration in these markets.”

In an industry marked by rapid development and escalating demands, Braemac and Efinix's commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and technological advancement solidifies their positions as leaders in this dynamic sector.

For more information, please contact Braemac.

About Efinix

Efinix®, an innovator in programmable products, is committed to delivering the low power and reconfigurability of its high-performance Titanium FPGA silicon platforms for applications in the mainstream market. Efinix FPGAs deliver power, performance, and area advantages over traditional FPGA technologies, unlocking new applications and delivering rapid time to market. Titanium devices range from 35K to 1M logic elements, have a small form factor, are low-power, and are priced for high-volume production. The Efinity® Integrated Development Environment provides a complete FPGA design suite from RTL to bitstream. For more information, visit


About Braemac

Braemac is a leading distributor Headquartered in Australia, with 17 offices worldwide. Braemac supplies semiconductors, electronic components, interface products, embedded systems, Test & Measurement solutions and services related to the end-product design, manufacture, and technical support for products, including single-board computers, displays, power supplies, cable assemblies, as well as value-added product assembly, and turnkey products. Braemac is a member of the Exponential Technology Group (XTG), a group of companies specializing in the design and supply of component technologies. Supported by the strength of Berkshire Hathaway, XTG is part of TTI, Inc.’s Family of Specialists, alongside TTI, Mouser Electronics, and Sager Electronics.  To learn more, visit


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