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A Compact & Ultra-low Power Z-Wave module from Silicon Labs

Introducing a Z-Wave compliant module that delivers 10 years battery lifetime from a single CR2032 battery.

Z-Wave offers excellent interoperability with, over 700 companies over 3,000 unique Z-Wave products that are all interoperable with each other. Another advantage is the rapid product development.

This module delivers/offers;

  • Ultra-low sleep current

  • Long Range

  • Low BOM Cost

  • On-board MCU

The ZGM130S is Silicon Labs’ newest & simplest product that

complements their IoT & Home Automation suite of products. Built upon their low-power Gecko technology, it is an ideal solution for energy-friendly smart home control applications such as motion sensors, door/window sensors, access control, appliance control, building automation, energy management, lighting, and security networks in the “Internet of Things”. The innovative low energy techniques, fast wake-up times and energy saving modes will ensure the ZGM130S reduces overall power consumption and maximises battery life of your Z-Wave product.

  • Offered in a ultra-small 9x9mm SIP package for cost effective PCB layout

  • Z-Wave Wireless Starter Kits readily available

  • Robust Development Environment with Simplicity Studio Tools


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