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Realising the benefits of engineering trends requires a fundamental shift in your approach to automated test and automated measurement. To be successful, you must think differently, act purposefully, and make the critical shift toward software-defined systems.

Why Braemac

The National Instruments (NI) ecosystem helps you build innovative systems more efficiently.

From daily tasks to grand challenges, NI and its Alliance partners help engineers and scientists overcome complexity to exceed even their own expectations.

The Platform

The NI platform comprises three key elements: productive software, modular hardware, and an expansive ecosystem.

Software is the core element of this platform. It enables you to build the exact systems you need for your application.

Condition MonitoringSolutions

Condition Monitoring

Take a proactive approach to equipment failure in the field.

Functional Test

Scalable systems enabling operational excellence.

Functional Test

Key Industry Partner

National Instruments Test and Measurement Solutions

Robust Memory

Mission-critical computing that delivers high powered processing and reliability in operational environments. 

Data Logging Solutions

Data Logging

Real time access to data allowing smarter and quicker decisions.

Smart Machine Control Solutions

Smart Machine Control

Smart automation through machine vision and advanced motion control.

Scalable systems enabling operational excellence.

Functional Test

 TEST & 

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