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Braemac Processor Solutions


Renesas - Blood Pressure Monitoring Evaluation Kit for RL78/H1D

Renesas Processor Solutions

Key Products

- Intel processors

- 32bit microcontrollers

- 16bit microcontrollers

- 8 bit microcontrollers

- 4 bit microcontrollers

- Soft Core processors

Key Suppliers

Intel Processor Solutions
Microchip Processor Solutions
Renesas Processor Solutions
Silicon Labs Processor Solutions
STMicroelectronics Processor Solutions

Braemac offer an extensive portfolio of scalable 4, 8,16 and 32bit microcontroller and microprocessors to meet the challenges of today’s technology demands. With the ability to combine processing power, memory and peripheral functionality. We have an MPU/MCU that is able to meet your market, application or specific product needs. 


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