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About ORing

ORing specialises in developing innovative products for industrial settings. Over the years, ORing has accumulated abundant experience in wired and wireless network communications industry. ORing's products have been widely adopted in surveillance, rail transport, and industrial automation market.  In line with the commercialisation of 5G, ORing has stretched its arm into the IIoT field, helping customers realise all kinds of IIoT applications such as smart manufacturing, smart city, and industrial automation. 


ORing News

ORing's Industrial Wireless Router Passes IoT Cybersecurity Certification

With numerous advantages such as increasing productivity, improving management efficiency, and reducing manufacturing costs, IIoT is sweeping across industries. However, data security has remained the biggest challenge and also the main obstacle to the widespread adoption of IIoT. Recognizing the importance and urgent needs to establish cybersecurity standards for IoT devices, the Taiwanese government has launched an IoT Cybersecurity Certification program which identifies IoT devices that have conformed to the TAICS’ security requirements. Devices that pass the certification are awarded the IoT Cybersecurity Mark.

ORing Unveils Full Gigabit, Water-proof Industrial Ethernet Switch with Embedded Q-ODC Interface

The world is expected to see increasingly extreme weather as global climate change intensifies. As extreme environments require more powerful and reliable solutions, ORing has launched a full-Gigabit managed Ethernet switch combed with PoE support and the world's smallest and most robust Q-ODC connectors. The switch is designed especially for harsh industrial applications, especially the railway, vehicle, and rolling stock markets.

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