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ORing specialises in developing innovative products for industrial settings. Over the years, ORing has accumulated abundant experience in wired and wireless network communications industry. ORing's products have been widely adopted in surveillance, rail transport, and industrial automation market.  In line with the commercialisation of 5G, ORing has stretched its arm into the IIoT field, helping customers realise all kinds of IIoT applications such as smart manufacturing, smart city, and industrial automation. 

ORing Key Lines

Smart Factory

Smart Lighting

Railway Switch

ORing News

ORing Unveils WFH Solution to Keep Business Running during Coronavirus

While more people are working from home than ever before due to the epidemic, the sudden and drastic changes have caught many business managers off guard, with many companies complaining about the huge additional costs and the lack of viable options to adapt to the changes. Recognising customers' pain, leading industrial Ethernet solution provider ORing has launched a comprehensive work-from-home solution with free subscription services for the whole year of 2020 to ease their burden in this difficult time.

ORing's Industrial Wireless Router Passes IoT Cybersecurity Certification

Recognising the importance and urgent needs to establish cybersecurity standards for IoT devices, the Taiwanese government has launched an IoT Cybersecurity Certification program which identifies IoT devices that have conformed to the TAICS’ security requirements. Devices that pass the certification are awarded the IoT Cybersecurity Mark.

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