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Braemac offer a broad portfolio of timing products that enable hardware designers to simplify clock generation, clock distribution, jitter attenuation and network synchronisation. This includes Oscillators (VCXO, TCXO, OCXO), Clock Generators, Clock Buffers and Jitter Attenuating Clocks / Network Synchronisors. These products combine best-in-class jitter performance and frequency flexibility, enabling customers to easily architect optimized clock tree solutions. Braemac also offer a selection of industry standard quartz and RC based timing / oscillator IC’s along with real time clocks.

Braemac Timing Solutions


IDTime Performance

IDT Timing

Key Products

- Crystal Oscillators

- Clock Generators & Buffers

- Jitter Attenuator Products

- PCIe Clock Generator products

- Quartz Crystals

Key Suppliers

CTS Timing Solutions
IDT Timing Solutions
Silicon Labs Timing Solutions
TGS Timing Solutions


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