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Bring Unbeatable Convenience and Speed to Recovery

From out-of-band management, on-site recovery to autonomous self-recovery, Innodisk’s InnoAGE and InnoOSR series provide full recovery portfolio to IoT edge devices.

Innodisk Full Recovery Portfolio - All Problems Solved

InnoOSR – Recovery is Just One Click Away

Utilising standard form factors with pin headers, on-site personnel can effortlessly implement InnoOSR’s powerful functionality in any application.

Why InnoOSR (3TO7) ?

· Quick and Easy

With a single click, on-site personnel can trigger a full firmware-level recovery – avoiding all pitfalls with software-level recovery – and bring the system back online in no time.

· Save Money

InnoOSR’s patented firmware technology enables truly next-level recovery ideal for applications that can afford little downtime.

· High Compatibility

Available in all key form factors and featuring Innodisk’s trademark hardware and firmware technologies, the InnoOSR series is ready to upgrade any application to the future of one-click recovery.


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