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Nordic Semiconductor News

Nordic nRF52820 SoC adds Full Speed USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, and Zigbee support to lower-end of nRF52 Series

The nRF52820 SoC offers advanced multiprotocol support—together with 12-Mbps USB, fully-featured +8 dBm output power radio supporting all Bluetooth 5.2 features, Bluetooth Long Range and Direction Finding, and high-temperature capability—for HID, smart home, commercial, and industrial applications.

Nordic announces support for Amazon Common Software for Devices

Nordic Semiconductor announced it is working with Amazon Common Software (ACS) to help accelerate the development of smart home and other wireless products. Amazon Common Software (ACS) provides a single, unified API integration layer for multiple Amazon SDKs. This includes providing components that are pre-validated and memory-optimised for common smart home product functionalities.

Nordic Semiconductor Key Lines

About Nordic Semiconductors

Nordic Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specialising in wireless technology that powers the IoT. The company’s award-winning Bluetooth LE solutions have made it the market leader and are complemented by ANT+, Thread, and Zigbee products. With the introduction of LTE-M and NB-IoT, Nordic brings low power, massive IoT into the cellular world.